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When sj5000x is totally charged ?

Well.... I put the camera to charge... the indicator two turns on in red color, but never turns off. When I know the camera is totally charged ?

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same comment here. v1.3 has no indicator or whatsoever to identify if the battery is fully charge.

yes,actually the camera has an indicator when is charging try to power on and the you will see a indicatoer

I use a double battery charger that charges two batteries at one time that shows green when fully charged.


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Approximately how many hours?

Usually 3-4 hours is enough to fully charge it.

I am using the latest 1.4.8 firmware (

When the battery is fully charged the RED LED light is off and the screen shows a full battery image.

While charging the RED LED light is on and the screen shows a Battery image with the thunderbolt 

Hi, (sj5000x elite) in video or photo mode does upper-right battery indicator changes according to the real battery level? it stays full no mater how much i use the camera. using the latest firmware v1.4.8. i think its a bug. can you confirm it SJCAM Support Team.

It should be shown the actual battery level that the battery has.

Were you able to see the battery level in other firmware versions?
Hi, nevery used previous versions. i already opened a support ticket. and still no answer provided(they replied to gather more information).been a week or so.

I'm attaching you the firmware version v1.4.6, please check if there the battery levels are shown correctly.

To install the firmware properly, follow the steps carefully:

  1. Power the camera off.
  2. Remove the MicroSD card from the camera.
  3. Format the MicroSD card using the FAT32 file format on your computer.
  4. Copy the firmware 'bin' file into the MicroSD card, please keep the firmware 'bin' file's name.
  5. Reinsert the SD card to your camera.
  6. Connect the camera with charger, the camera will be upgraded automatically. If your battery was full, you do not need to connect the camera with charger.
  7. After the firmware update was completed, please delete the 'bin' file.

(3.71 MB)

how long it takes to update firmware sj5000x ?

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