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Night Lapse

Other cams in this range have Night lapse mode. why doesn't sjcam? To get a milky way shot or star trails etc the camera needs to shoot long exposures in time lapse mode. This can be added through firmware update?

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Actually it is possible to make awesome night time-lapses like this one: (i made this one with SJCAM M20).
I sent the detailed instruction to SJCAM about how to make such time-lapses but for some reason they don't publish it...


did you use the photo lapse or video? Sj5000x elite is useless for night lapse. hot pixels is an issue they to address. here is the result of combining 300 shots for a time lapse with sj5000x elite.

Of course i used photo lapse. To get such result as i got it's necessary to make time-lapses with long shutter and in RAW format.
I still hope that SJCAM will publish the instruction i made because it is detailed and clear.


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Thats all good when your shooting in the city but try shooting long exposure night sky (stars). the result is unusable with the hot pixels.

Unfortunately i don't have the possibility to test long exposure outside the city but i'll try to do it as soon as i can.
You may try to fix hot pixels by holding shutter button (there is such function on M20).



These images were taken after the "fix" offered by sjcam. It doesnt work :(

Hi Davy,

May I know which settings are you using?

We are working to improve the night lapses and find an optimized solution for the hot pixels.

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Hi. this time lapse was around 300 exposures. 30s.. ISO 100.. Interval 5s as you can see in this video the hot pixels are evident. This time laspe was shot AFTER i applied the hot pixel fix. i have sj5000x elite with 1.4.8 fw.

Bogdan mind sharing your instructions? Thank you.
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