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M20 connection to android problem

Posted as support ticket, but maybe someone here can help:

Tutorials on the site are poorly done, not really telling you how to connect your camera and phone, and the cameras listed are incomplete and do not include tutorial, even a poor tutorial, on how to connect the m20.

Also, the UI on the SJCam is not at all user friendly.

Please...PLEASE...some complete and CLEAR instructions on how to connect an M20 to an Android smartphone that has the SJCAM Zone app installed.

As an added note:  Looking over your site, the M20 seems almost an afterthought.  There is VERY little "how-to" information regarding the camera on the site, and questions on the forum are a waste of time as they are rarely answered and when they are its days, or weeks, later, long after people needed help.

I like your camera(s), but customer service, at least regarding the M20 is, sadly, poor.

Я подключил свою камеру.

Для этого verhunyuyu нажал кнопку на боковой панели. На дисплее камеры появляется синяя иконка Wi-Fi интернет.

На ваш смартфон пришел в Wi-Fi меню. Они выбрали сеть, которую создал мой фотоаппарат. Ввел пароль 12345678.


На смартфоне откройте приложение. Я нажимаю на "+" внизу по центру.

Soedinlsya камеры.

Приложение отвратительное зоны. Мастер представил веков приложение социальной сети. Необходимые коррективы для осуществления забыли. По этой причине я могу только материться по-русски.

Hello Bob,

The steps to connect the camera to the app are the following:

1. Open the SJCAM Zone APP and register or log in into it.

2. Turn on the camera's WiFi

3. Connect your mobile to the camera's WiFi

4. Reopen the APP

5. Press the "+" button, select Camera and then press the blue button.


Hope this works!

Best regards,
SJCAM Support Team.
Hi support Im using samsung note 2 with android ver 4.4.2. Normally while using sjcam apps,it will automatically log out with error msg 'unfortunately sjcam zone has been stopped' Anything wrong?

Please make sure that you have the latest version of the APP.

Also, what is your camera model?

Which latest android version suitable with using sjcam m20
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