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SJ7 Star fps and shutter speed

will 25fps and it's multiples be available as in the UK and Europe 25fps is the norm. Mains power frequency here is 50Hz and at 30fps this is out of phase and electric lighting looks as if it is pulsating and flickering. Most other video devices are 25fps and trying to integrate 30fps with 25fps can result in choppy video as the 30fps needs to be re-encoded to 25fps via frame dropping Can the shutter speed on video be user set so that a 180 degree, 90 degree or 360 degree shutter can be used?

Update now I have the camera The SJ7 star can be set to TV mode NTCS (where frame rates are multiples of 30) and PAL (with frame rates being multiples of 25) If you are recording in PAL but want record at 120 or 240 frames per second then you switch into NTCS first, which only takes a few taps on the screen. Shutter speed is not selectable in either video or photo mode.

look my video, my sj star 7 is recording like this.

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