SJCAM SJDASH Firmware v.1.1 (See attached BIN file below the instructions)

To upgrade the firmware properly, follow the steps carefully:

1. Power the camera off.

2. Remove the MicroSD card from the camera.

3. Format the MicroSD card using the FAT32 file format on your computer*.

4. Copy the downloaded firmware 'bin' file into the root directory of your MicroSD card, please keep the firmware 'bin' file's name.

5. Reinsert the SD card to your camera.

6. Power on your fully charged camera, it will then be upgraded automatically. Use a charger if your battery is not fully charged before powering it on.

7. After the firmware update is completed, delete the 'bin' file.

*We recommend to do the format under Windows or MAC, some Linux users are getting problems updating because the format is not correct.


NOTE: Starting FW1.2, a special Loader BIN file will be used so you can update your firmware using the app.
You will find the loader BIN file attached below.

Instructions on use:
1. Format your memory card (can be done on your camera or on a computer)
2. Copy the downloaded LD96658A.bin file to your empty memory card.
3. Eject the card and insert it into the SJDASH while it is powered off.
4. Power on your SJDASH and wait for the lights to blink. No other indication will show except camera will power on completely.
5. Format your card and check the app if you can now get firmware updates.


Should you have any questions regarding the firmware update, please submit a ticket or email us at